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The Author

Edward St. John Gorey


A quote:

"A lot of my books I've intended for children primarily,
but nobody would ever publish them as children's books.
I don't know many children.
And I don't know if I really remember
what it was like being a child.
I use children a lot because they're so vulnerable.
Children are pathetic and quite frequently not terribly likeable.
I don't really know any babies.
I've never known any babies."

More about Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey was an author and illustrator of many unique books that often have the appearance of children's stories, but are usually much more ominous, even sinister, and yet oddly humorous. He is probably best known for his drawings used for the animated opening to the public television show "Mystery!".

He has also done illustrations for hundreds of books by other authors.

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